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\ 湯海(ゆかい)に浸かる。 /

A bath with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.


What is Cambrian no yu ...

Japan's oldest stratum "Cambrian stratum" discovered around Hitachi City is considered to be the core stratum of the creation of the Japanese archipelago. During this period, when a wide variety of creatures appeared, it was called the "Cambrian Explosion" and was full of energetic power. It nurtures the lifestyle and culture of the people of this region and continues to this day.

Since ancient times, there have been "Kajime-yu," "Shio-yu," and "Yakiishi-no-yu," which utilize marine resources, as hot springs to entertain customers. At the hotel, you can enjoy the ancient hot springs that have been revived in the present age.

While listening to the sound of the sea, entrust yourself to the soft water.

You can enjoy 3 kinds of baths that have been around for a long time.

Open-air | Kajime-yu

Uchiyu | Shioyu

Oyashio no Yu

An open-air bath with Kajime-yu, where the sea breeze and the sound of the waves are comfortable. You can relax and enjoy the salt bath in the indoor bath.


Kuroshio no Yu

Observatory large communal bath
Shioyu / Kajimeyu

A large communal bath with a view of the Pacific Ocean from a large window. Please enjoy the difference between the two hot waters, Shioyu and Kajimeyu, which are next to each other.

The washing area has partitions, so you can rest assured that it will be social.


The difference between the two color baths.

The secret to moisturizing the skin is
Clean seawater and biting minerals.

Ecklonia cava

In the past, fishermen warmed their cold bodies by putting the seaweed "Ecklonia cava" from the kelp family from Mizukihama in hot water. Ecklonia cava extract is a fascinating amber-colored water that is rich in minerals and makes the skin smooth and difficult to cool.


We use high quality seawater from Mizukihama, which has been certified as one of the "100 Best Beaches". Since ancient times, salt production has been popular, and it has been popular with Shioyu customers as a hot water that is effective against all diseases due to its high salt concentration.


Yakiishi no Yu

This is our patented style bath. The ball gravel and salt steam also bring a warming effect to the whole body. The feeling of exhilaration after bathing in negative ions is exceptional.


Tachiyori yu

One-day bath

Business hours 11: 00-19: 00
* It may end at 15:00

* There is no rest area

Price (all tax included)

Adult 850JPY–

Children 550JPY–

(1 year old to elementary school students)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

(and the days set by the hotel)

Adult 1,000JPY–


(1 year old to elementary school students)

Towels are charged separately.
・ Face towel (sale) 220JPY–

・ Bath towel (rental) 330JPY–


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