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[Ocean view special room]

Japanese modern cypress bath

Bed style with wood terrace and kitchenette

A semi-open-air cypress bath and a wood terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The luxuriously used hinoki cypress from Ibaraki Prefecture creates a healing space.

A semi-open-air cypress bath and wood terrace that do not block your view.

Early in the morning, as the sun slowly rises from the Pacific Ocean

It is very moving to see the <day spirit> coming into the room.


The partition between the bedroom and the living room can be stored, so you can freely change it to suit your style, whether it is a spacious continuous room or a private room.


Beds that are easy to arrange are convenient when staying with young children.


In the romantic moonlight

Or enter while looking at the horizon at sunrise

The cypress bath is the most luxurious time.

■ Specifications

Japanese modern bed

・ Semi-open-air cypress bath ・ Wood terrace


■ Capacity

2 people (bed use) ~ 5 people


■ Equipment

Kitchenette, air conditioner, washlet toilet, washroom, TV, free Wi-Fi connection, humidified air purifier, small refrigerator (empty), electric pot, tea set (hot water, tea bag), yukata (for children), Haori (except summer, adults only), in-house slippers, face towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, hair brushes (bi-fold slim brush), shaving (male) / shower cap (female), hand-washing soap, cotton sticks, cotton, hair dryer, body Soap, shampoo, conditioner, men's cosmetics (hair tonic, after-shave broth, hair styling foam), women's cosmetics (wash pigment, lotion, milky lotion, cleansing lotion)

All guest rooms are compatible with wireless LAN
(Free Wi-Fi)

■ How to use

・ The ID and password are printed on the information sheet provided at check-in.

■ Caution

・ Please note that we cannot explain how to set up the connection.

・ We do not rent equipment.

・ LAN cable connection is not supported.

・ We are not responsible for any damage caused by using Wi-Fi.

All rooms are equipped with an air purifier with a humidifying function

All rooms are non-smoking

* The capacity does not include co-sleeping infants, but Western-style rooms are not available for children including infants.

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