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Our approach to new coronavirus infections

At Hagiya, we hope that our customers can use our hotel with peace of mind.

We are taking the following measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Requests to customers using the hotel

Checking body temperature

We carry out temperature measurement for those who use the hotel. If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you may be asked to report to the health center or refrain from staying.

Implementation of hand disinfection

Please cooperate with hand disinfection with alcohol disinfectant when you come to the museum. It is installed at the entrance, front counter, and entrance of the dining venue.

Keep a distance

Please be aware of the contact with people and use it in the three-cs avoidance at a distance.

Infectious disease countermeasures at the hotel


Staff wearing masks

All staff are welcome to wear masks.


Installation of non-contact thermometer

You can measure the temperature without touching it just by looking at the monitor.


Installation of partitions

A vinyl sheet partition is installed at the front.


Installation of alcohol disinfectant

Alcohol disinfectants are installed in various parts of the building.


Regular disinfection of various places

The parts of the building that you touch are regularly disinfected.


Installation of air purifier

Air purifiers are installed in all guest rooms and dining venues.


Enforcement of ventilation in the facility

Ventilation is enforced throughout the building by opening windows on a regular basis.


​Arrangement with a margin

We have set up partitions and arranged seats with plenty of room.


Hagiya is working on infection control measures based on the guidelines created by industry groups.

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