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\ 湯海(ゆかい)に楽しむ。 /

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Izumi Shrine

A beautiful forest where people gather and relax, which is also recorded in the Hitachinokuni Fudoki

It is a venerable old town shrine of the Enki-shiki Naisha, which is said to have been enshrined in Uji 49 (42 BC), the reign of Emperor Sujin, the tenth human emperor. In the precincts, there is a forest spring where fresh water has flowed out since ancient times, and the area around this spring and the beautiful forest area of green trees in the Shin'iki area is called "Izumigamori" and has been selected as a designated historic site in Ibaraki Prefecture and one of the 100 most scenic spots in Ibaraki. ..




Omika Shrine

Enshrine the star god, which is rare in Japan

It is a rare shrine in Japan that enshrines the god of textiles and the god of stars. Among them, many people come to worship as the head office of the god of the stars (Amatsu-Mikaboshi Kagaseo). The rocky mountain where the main shrine is located is the oldest Cambrian stratum in Japan, and is called the "Shukukonseki ".




Oiwa Shrine

A mountain of worship where many shrines have been enshrined and worshipped

It is a sacred mountain that has been worshipped as a sacred place where gods live since ancient times. While it has prospered as a mountain for Shugendo since the Middle Ages, it is now popular as a hiking course with a panoramic view of the Nasu mountain range from the top.




Kamine Shrine

Shrine pilgrimage "Kamitama"
One of the distribution areas

Under Hitachi City Kamine Zoo, there is an approach and a torii gate facing National Highway No. 6. There is an inner shrine on the summit of Mt. Kamine, and it was built as a hall of worship. After that, we welcomed the divided spirit of the main shrine of Kaminesan and became a village palace. The grand festival, which is held once every seven years, has a history of 300 years, and four floats (festival cars) will appear.


Model course


It's close by, so it's perfect for a walk!
Visit Mizumyojin and Ishimyojin


Visit a shrine where Japan's oldest Cambrian strata are exposed


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