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[Ocean View]

Japanese-style room with digging rugs | 10 tatami mats

[With digging rugs and veranda]

Time to talk slowly with digging.

Apart from the spacious Japanese-style room, there is a digging room.

The time to relax and talk as if you were at home while looking out at the sea will surely be an unforgettable memory.


The Pacific Ocean from the open veranda is spectacular.

Leave the tide in the chair as BGM, and as time goes by

Please spend a relaxing time.

■ Specifications

Japanese-style room + digging gotatsu + veranda


■ Capacity

6 people


■ Equipment

Air conditioner, washlet toilet, washroom, TV, free Wi-Fi connection, humidified air purifier, small refrigerator (empty), electric kettle, tea set (tea drink, tea bag), yukata (for children), haori (summer) (Except for adults only), in-house slippers, face towels, bath towels, toothbrushes,
Hairbrush (bi-fold slim brush), shaving (male) / shower cap (female), hand soap, cotton swab, cotton, dryer, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, male cosmetics (hair tonic, after-shave lotion, hair styling foam), female Cosmetics (wash pigment, lotion, milky lotion, cleansing lotion)

All guest rooms are compatible with wireless LAN
(Free Wi-Fi)

■ How to use

・ The ID and password are printed on the information sheet provided at check-in.

■ Caution

・ Please note that we cannot explain how to set up the connection.

・ We do not rent equipment.

・ LAN cable connection is not supported.

・ We are not responsible for any damage caused by using Wi-Fi.

All rooms are equipped with an air purifier with a humidifying function

All rooms are non-smoking

* The capacity does not include co-sleeping infants, but Western-style rooms are not available for children including infants.

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