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A beauty treatment salon that heals your body and soul.

Relax your mind and body with aroma and thalassotherapy.

You can use aromatherapy that utilizes the detoxification effect of aroma oil and thalassotherapy that utilizes the therapeutic effect of the sea as if it were an esthetic treatment.
* Reservation required, only for women.


Aroma body treatment

An oil containing essential oils extracted from flowers and herbs regulates blood flow and lymphatic flow throughout the body.

30 minutes 4,860 yen (tax included)
60 minutes 9,720 yen (tax included)

Facial beauty treatment

With a strong and firm treatment, the waste products on your face will be washed away.

30 minutes 4,860 yen (tax included)

Face massage
50 minutes 8,100 yen (tax included)

Face massage, with décolletage


Aroma head spa

You can experience a deep relaxing effect by conditioning your tired head and nerves with aroma oil.

30 minutes 6,480 yen (tax included)

Dry head spa

Easily removes stiffness on the head, neck and shoulders without using oil.

30 minutes 5,940 yen (tax included)

Set menu

● Aroma body + facial

90 minutes 14,580 yen (tax included)

● Aroma body + aroma head

90 minutes 15,660 yen (tax included)

● Facial + aroma head

60 minutes 10,800 yen (tax included)


[Reservation required]​ It is a service exclusively for women.


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