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\ 湯海(ゆかい)に楽しむ。 /

Find a new way to enjoy your trip.


​Stroll around the neighborhood

A walk without a purpose is the best luxury.



Hitachi Health Road

Walking with the tide as BGM to keep your mind and body healthy

There are 20 health roads in Hitachi City with easy-to-walk roads and information boards. One of them, the Mizukihama Course, is 1.7km (30 minutes), walking along the coastal promenade in front of the Hagiya Ryokan and going back and forth between Mizuki Beach and Kaibata Bridge.




Mizuki beach

A high-quality beach certified as one of the "100 Best Beaches"

It is a sandy beach with a calm wave surrounded by natural rocky shore and large beige sand grains. Good water quality has been certified by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the "100 Best Bathing Areas". It is a relatively small beach, and because the beach is right in front of the parking lot, it is convenient to move and carry luggage, and it is also popular with families.


Gourmand recommended by Hagiya!


Original dressings are also popular at pasta specialty stores.

Groovy Omika store

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City

Fresh Cake Cafe.png

A delicious cafe with handmade sweets and buckwheat galettes.

Fresh cake cafe

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City


Enjoy the magnificent view and delicious Western food.

Restaurant Sekai

4-14-13 Omikacho, Hitachi City


Handmade bento boxes and side dishes are popular.

Zennisshoku chain Fujiya

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City


A popular fish shop where the famous "Migatte Don" is delicious.

Kaisentonya akatsusuisan

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City


Soy sauce with a soft and rich flavor is popular.

Tamahime soy sauce

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City


30 years of natto! An award-winning natto specialty store.

Kikusui Foods Co., Ltd.

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City


A long-established miso shop that also handles bread and sweets.

 Mizuki no Sho

2-15-48 Mizukicho, Hitachi City

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